Appealing to Your Customers

If you're a highly technical website providing information and help for guru-level users, you can't generate revenue off of pop-up or banner advertisements. You just can't. I mean, you can post ads on your site, but they'll never get viewed.

The idea is that the most basic user uses the default web browser with the default settings. Therefore, to appeal to basic users, you need only adapt your strategy around the obvious settings. Advanced users, however, have likely discovered alternative web browsers and add-ons to modify webpages as they like. They're willing to invest in their web-browsing future and have the knowledge and resources to do so. Advertisements won't make it through their complex adblock barriers. And any attempt you might make to discourage their way of doing things will surely be labeled frivolous. In short: don't fight the people you're trying to appeal to.

However, those who would go through such lengths to get what they want are clearly educated. They would understand the concept of needing support to maintain your website. A donate button and a small paragraph about how you pay out of your own pocket for the site would more likely appeal to them.

But how do you get through to the people who have discovered adblock software but scoff at donations?

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