Using Rawr Effectively

Kevmar was all 'rawr' and then a lightbulb went off in my head, so I thought I'de better write it down.

The problem I most see with these ultrapowerful tools is that their usage is indirect. That is, they have such abstract information that everyone wants the tool but no one knows how to use it, like a gameshark. Okay, so you have infinite lives. Now what?

This breakdown post really demonstrates a practical use for the powerhouse that is Rawr.

1. Check for all upgrades
2. Set realistic gear goals
3. Compile cost and %-increase per item
4. Decide if ratio matches budget
5. Pursue upgrades!

And then you end up with your cost/upgrade, which isn't very useful in a void (actually it's a mind-staggering number in his post.. 3% dps upgrade from using proper enchants? On a 3500 dps player, that's an additional 105 dps. If 6/10 of your players are dpsing (5 dps + 2 tanks), that's an extra 630 dps. That's an additional 113,400 damage over a 3 minute fight. This is why you shouldn't put mp5 to chest on a rogue, even if its free. (Or should you?)

Kev's post takes you through an actual example of how to do it, so read up and stop slacking!