Stop Being So Paranoid.

I am appalled by this idea that people have that Blizzard never listens to us. They always have. No, they don't always do what we want, but they listen.

If I have a very complicated math problem, and I go ask a crack team of well-trained, professional rocket scientists to help me solve it, should I doubt the answer they give me, despite the fact their pay is dependent on being correct? Especially when their job description is to think, discuss, and dismantle equations, finding all possible solutions, and choose the best?

I understand that there's such a thing as being good for the whole while being bad for the individual (Gov't run welfare, anyone?) but I just can't figure out what people are thinking when they start complaining that Blizzard doesn't listen to its customers. Their job, for crying out loud, is to think up all the goods and bads well before it hits the public.

Everyone someone posts a response to a new idea, saying, "Well, have you thought of..." I really want to hit reply and say, "Yes, they have."

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